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CVA Services GmbH is a RegTech that offers tailor-made solutions for your business model.

What is a FinTech?
For many providers in the financial industry, the term FinTech looks like a clumsy marketing scam. For example, are software providers for banks per se FinTechs? Not necessarily according to our definition. We must have a disruptive innovation. Disruptively, an innovation is so advantageous that it almost completely supplants an already existing business model. Altogether, three properties must go hand in hand:

⁃ innovative
⁃ disruptive
⁃ technological

Whereby a disruptive service can usually only come about through an innovation, i.e. an innovation, in order to change the market at all. However, market conditions or market distortions can also be triggered by sheer size or inexorable price wars. Here one immediately thinks of big banks that simply buy FinTech competition. Therefore, a FinTech not only has to be disruptive but also innovative. To put it bluntly, this is not unfavorable to the end customer when FinTech disappears. The service or the offer is only offered by FinTech but by the bank itself. The cycle is completed and the innovation is widely introduced to the market. Almost every retail institute now offers payment functions via app. This is certainly due to the many startups in this field.
In addition, the disruptive innovation must have come about through technology. Otherwise you would have to call the exchange offices, which emerged in the last century at the airports and resorts also known as FinTech. In any case, it was innovative and disruptive to simply put the cash desk of the branch bank without the bank building and Co. in the room.
Other indications, whether it is a real FinTech, are not sufficient according to the definition of CVA Services GmbH. A FinTech can (but does not have to) cover one or more of the following fields:

⁃ Software development (technological but not necessarily innovative and disruptive)
⁃ Startup (maybe not even innovative)
⁃ Blockchain research and development (as the disruption is still pending – or is it possible to settle the tax debt anywhere with a cryptocurrency?) And an exclusive definition of Blockchain to exclude any other FinTech that works without Blockchain, and thus oppose such innovation )

There is probably still a lot of money invested in supposed FinTechs. Unfortunately, there are not many real innovative, disruptive and technological FinTechs. Here, the CVA Services helps with the know-how of our consultants to make your company to FinTech or at least to withstand the upcoming disruption. CVA Services has its origins in 2012 as FinTech for the calculation of CVA – Credit Valuation Adjustments. The postponed Basel III regulations in the field of CVA did not turn us into a fintech, but instead we have developed into a leading consulting firm for the financial industry.

What is an Insurtech?

What is a RegTech?

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